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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 5, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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the east coast. decision day has arrived. polls open stewart's dramatic now. high stakes on the republican side of the race. that resulted in a widely and john seven writing for both despite calls to drop out of the race. >> i think we are going to do it. if we can limit concent and we are doing great, we are going to do a pretty easily. >> they are looking at the records and realized donald yells a lot but he has no solution. the people of wisconsin want someone who is a real positive message. >> both of them sat together the race because i'm winning their votes. i agree with them. [applause] nobody is going to bring us go in and if there's an open convention and it's going to be cold. maria: the race is much higher.
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bernie sanders looking ahead to new york where they have agreed on a debate date. winter weather and spring assist in the midwest in the midwest to the northeast tip of days now blasted freezing temperatures. forecasters call for as much as 10 inches of snow in some places. it has been called march madness for a reason. in case you didn't see it last night, about an inch to the ncaa championship game. [cheers and applause] maria: at the buzzer beaters secured the win for the villanova wildcats. final scores 77-74. the big story in business. the pfizer allergan marcher risk-based intervals that the government looking to make it harder and more expensive for companies to move headquarters overseas to lower tax rates. market this morning in asia overnight at the tone for the rest of the world. the nikkei average, worse
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performer as a 17 month high of frenetic and u.s. dollar. in europe across the board as well. big factory orders that of germany and the dax index down 2.5%. 237 points at the time for u.s. market. features indicate a lower opening for the broader averages. expected to lose about 130 points at the opening of trading. that coming up in the program. joining me right now, sandra smith, "wall street journal" matt murray and wall street cohost jerry commit it. good to see, everybody. thanks for joining us. tough night for you. >> devastating. we have a cap next-line a good national cochairman sam clovis is that this good u.s. commerce secretary penny pritzker. buzz aldrin is with us and wisconsin senator rod johnson also that the spirit washington
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wizards owner ted lyons is, all of that coming up in the program. a top story right now. wisconsin voters casting their ballots in the presidential primaries. donald trump struggling to support among women. he brought out the big guns. his wife, malania. latest comments about his own life. >> 218 and more presidential. he can be presidential, but sometimes he cannot stand when somebody attacks them. if somebody attacks in, he will punch back 10 times harder. he said the man who respects women. he hires the women on the highest position and he trusts them. he's the one that will take care of them. he's the only one. >> donald saying he's made a mistake.
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i suppose miracles can happen. i don't care what he says anymore. i don't care what he treats. these are serious times. this is not the time for a circus sideshow. trip to join us now is congressional correspondent david drucker. good morning to you. good to see you, sir. how do you think malania did last night? what is your take away to talk about women? >> it is an old trick in politics is striving to. bring out your spouse, humanizes you, humanizes newcomers often do appear voters look at you in a different plate because somebody loves that guy so they can't be that bad. i don't know that it will work in wisconsin at this point. part of the issue is not so much that malania isn't good on the campaign trail. she's new to this issue might be quite good at it. i was struck by your comment talking about the fact that donald is hit, he will hit back twice as hard as this is
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something we don't need her to tell a permit campaign scripting point of view. we need her to tell us why he is a softy and a good guy. she did some of that. the campaign has a lot of work to do, especially that of a potential matchup to improve his numbers with key demographic groups including women. we know he's tough. we know he's got a strong persona. i think that for the broader group of voters, they need to know more. maria: it has been a tough couple of weeks. the comments on women, fido for the wise and all this prediction. he's really had their trashier things he said. i want to ask david and i said if the crying game is catching up with them. they are starting to run into problems with the organization, the ability to go after other
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delegates who are pledging other candidates now and they are facing real challenges in the fall. what do you think about that? >> i agree to that if you look in the fall campaign for sure and definitely wisconsin. ted cruz has the best grassroots organization of any republican candidate who had run the cycle. they do great work with the data and they know who their audiences and what their audience cares about and they do great work on the ground. ted cruz is starting to scoop up a lot of delegates loyalty among backing from the third, contested convention. one of the thing that has been fun for donald trump in a couple weeks in new york he will talk about the fact that donald trump wins doing it his way. n-november he needs to have data, a ground game and it do some old-fashioned politicking
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if he's going to be killer content. >> that's really good analysis. the month and candidates want her more delegates. 42 up for grabs. sanders and clinton fighting for 86 pledged delegates. dagen mcdowell standing by with this action. reporter: good morning, maria. good to see you. this is where the delegate count works out for trump, cruz and kasich. 737 delegates as of today reported to a stake in wisconsin. 1237 mr. magic number. it grates are in the cover of "the wall street journal" that trump needs to win 66% or two thirds of the remaining bound delegates. those are committed to vote for a certain candidate. if he doesn't win a delegate at a delegate out of wisconsin, he needs to win 70% of the remaining delegates out there. there is no path to getting to the 1237.
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they have to wait for the convention. 1712, a big leap here this of course includes your superdelegate who fired a committed themselves to clinton. i want to point out 2383 is the number is candidates are heading for. this is about superdelegates. she only needs 38% of the remaining delegates. donald trump has a ways to go. maria: that's what it all comes down to. we're looking at numbers today because we know there's not a clear path for john kasich. >> something i said last week on the program. i'm not a supporters so does that mean nasty e-mail. with everything that's happened to donald trump and everything thrown at him, money spent against him, everything that pat
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and if he does anything in wisconsin at all, he shows decent numbers as they win for the candidate and a win for him. sandra: if there is a ted cruz went, to newt gingrich point, he was basically saying it's assumed that this might ted cruz will win because he's been leading the polls. winning doesn't necessarily change the race. he would have to have a landslide for this to be a big change. >> i'm not sure be that much of a surprise. if you are trying to figure out how the game is going to go last night, you would say okay i don't think that's going to happen. if you think that trump can come out of tomorrow with any type of momentum, that seems to be a
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better dad than a landslide. >> he is trying to set exit patience yesterday he'll do that. he's heading into the friendly state in new york, pennsylvania and could do a lot better. i think he still has some organizational challenges to i thought a lot republicans would line up behind him as he came along. it's not happening publicly at all. and increasingly getting thee ca contested convention, if you can't back it up ahead of time, he will be in trouble when they get to cleveland. maria: dierker at that? >> you got wisconsin today. cruz been in wisconsin make them much more likely we have a contested dimension. that is what is significant about with constant. donald trump will win new york and a few other states. we'll talk about trump with momentum again. it won't be enough to avoid a contested convention.
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and then we move into member states primitive cruz and possibly john kasich depending where he is. that will reset the narrative once again. we had finally to california in june and it's either going to be cruz and california or trump wins california and that will be the whole ball of? what you have to look at right now is the scenario for delegates knowing are talking about national poll numbers. miller talking about wins and losses and that is late today so we'll cordon. maria: great analysis. thanks for joining us. make sure to tune in today all day to fox business for special coverage of the wisconsin primary by 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox is the number. stay with us. less than two hours away. a highly contested grave. no matter who wins, we will soon have a republican in the white house. we will tell you where the analysis comes from. the shot heard round the world.
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maria: welcome back. so enough about caps-off
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denarius champions after a thriller against umc last night. cheryl casone with the details and other headlines. transfer good morning, and the brea. it was a buzzer beater. the villanova wildcats canning and that that's after a last-second thriller against north carolina and a willie wild finish. a double clutch three to tie the game with 4.7 seconds remaining. villanova responded with kris jenkins becoming the hero. he nailed a three-pointer at the buzzer and i was a victory. there hasn't been a buzzer beater in the ncaa championship since 1983. big night for those guys. nothing says paper like a big dump of snow. in winter like star bring in more than a half foot of snow to parts of new york, massachusetts, vermont and rhode island contributed to low visibility and dangerous travel conditions. the cooler brand-new blogger affecting baseball season that the home opener postponed until
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today. it will be a lovely 40 degrees at yankee stadium. can't wait. finally, new treasury department regulations make a real drug company pfizer and allergan's $150 billion merger plan. the treasury department imposing tough new rules yesterday that allow companies to avoid taxes by moving headquarters out of the united states. use of regulations to him than 19% and we should say that a lot of the lawyers interferes say they are shocked by how aggressive the treasury department numerals were and they were kind of caught off guard. not that they'll make a lot of money when advice everybody had a handle it, but a big shock yesterday. sure into the treasury secretary has been very clear. you must make it harder and more expensive for companies to leave the u.s. to get to a better tax situation.
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instead of just going back to the source and impacting and changing the tax code. your take on this. >> he said it properly. this is being punitive. what is interesting is the treasury says we are not trying to punish companies. they say that public way. we are trying to act in public policy. they are not trying to attack companies, but this is what it is. we've gone through eight years now. this is an action to punish companies acting in the best interest of shareholders. public companies tried to lower tax rate, return more cash to shareholders. maria: i don't understand. go back to the service and understand why they are moving overseas and change the tax code could >> relit the click of tax form in this environment is not going anywhere. when the steelers were talked about last year, and a lot of outreach in both parties. this is tailored pretty much at
6:18 am
the pfizer allergan deal. this has been a particular issue. it's not a huge number. yes, ideally if they can get legislation and do it the right way, that would be better. transfer corporate issues become the campaign. you made it a huge debate. something's got together. something has to change because companies find a way to adapt and they find a way to do what's best for their shareholders. tranter this is one of the things trump has been talking about. >> i worry about r&d with this. a lot of them have been looking at these deals are maria: debut investments overseas. or if it's more money to thearmadale slowdown r&d spending. cheryl, thank you. making a call about the u.s. economy on the brink of a massive recession if he does not win in her that is.
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>> welcome back. curse of the downturn looming over the election. donald trump taking it a step further this week making a bold prediction to its economy will tip into recession if he loses in november. >> we are in a massive bubble. we have the cheapest money we've ever had yet no one can or will muster a very rich. i can borrow all that money went to borrow, but if you were really rich you can't borrow money. is your prayer of cheap money nobody can get. we are sitting on a bubble. the stock market area inflated. maria: regards to what happens, my next guest mix drinkers on the one place to save and invest money strait economic and political unstable times. joining us now is the new case for gold, author james frye curve. read on the screen. good to see you. thank you for joining us. donald trump's position. massive recession. do you agree?
6:24 am
>> monkeys don't know what they're doing. they're 50% right. economists are wrong most of the time. the fed never predicted a recession. don't listen to economists. this into a database. i'd rather listen to an executive than an economist. >> you think will make gold will shield you from the impact of a recession? >> ever for command 10%. 10% of your best molasses. if i'm wrong, you won't get her for 10%. if i'm right, if everything crashes or trumpery, gold will go up emil bulls. that's your insurance for your portfolio. there's a reason they talk about and about. vladimir putin is a 6000 members cyberworking night and day to raise digital wealth. you have a lack drugs. putin can wipe this out. you can't hack it, can't you, can't erase it, can't delete it.
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>> to the correlation between old and the ways the bible is not always perfect. the viewers watching this list watching this list and you want to put 10% of assets in gold. how did they do it? is this document gold company? >> you don't want features for associations. you must let the cold pill terminates early, close exchange. you won't feel it against a physical. they sell 100 times more gold than they have. futures exchanges have large open interest at one people show up. one bag is the golden effort of the shutout. physical bullet -- [inaudible] >> the etf, what a lot of people think about is not correlated to the asset price of the commodity. >> we are in an unusual moment where the market is doing okay
6:26 am
in gold had its biggest quarter of the blog time. people are buying gold. what gives here? you don't usually have those things hand-in-hand. >> old -- ben bernanke famously said that one host of other gold. if you think the dollar would have really strong from the dome of old critics of the dollar will the weakened commute definitely while gold. right now the dollar is at a 10 year high. the cross rate can all go down at once. the strong dollar you should expect a weaker dollar, a higher dollar price. >> how do the back over the past year? it has not been a friend right to watch. precious metals have been touched -- haven't budged. how do you tell someone cipro returns. how do you prove that?
6:27 am
>> tape 1 dollar added your personal. if you yell at him you have to take risk. gold is not supposed to have it because it's money. is volatile. you can date treated. sandra: which is all record prices for the stock market. and it does a peek. gone up a lot in the six weeks. what is the best performing asset in 2016 of the 21st entry. from august 2011 to november 2015 went down 45%. that's the typical commodities market. you don't go with the free trading 50%. i don't day trade gold. i have it in my portfolio to preserve boss. tranter you make a good point because i think of gold as a hedge. i don't think of gold as a commodity. you think the dollars going one way, the stock market going one
6:28 am
way, that's the reason to unfold. >> is that $2 trillion of u.s. dollars. they've been buying thousands of tons of gold. sandra: they have way more than they even report. >> they do. they lie about how much could they have. if i were to buy 3000 times and didn't want the world want the world to know, why would you tell them what you're doing? the dollar has no greater friend than the chinese. they want a strong dollar, but they suspect the dollar goes down in gold goes up so they are hatched. maria: and then there is india. another polish point. thanks for joining us. coming up, wisconsin voters headed to the polls today in a pivotal primary election. later, jpmorgan cap and atm withdrawals to crack down potential fraud and suspicious that dignity after making changes to the atm machines. all of that coming up. you want to hear that one. stay with us.
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maria: good tuesday morning. i am maria bartiroma. your top stories at 6:30 on the east coast. decision day has arrived, polls opening in two hours, five states on the republican side, ted cruz with a wide lead over donald trump and john kasich fighting for votes despi calls for him to drop out of the race. for democrats the race much tighter in the badger state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking at new york. sanders sending a warning shot to clinton yesterday.
6:32 am
>> large voter turnout, we will win here. if we win here we will have a bounce going into new york state where i think we can win. if we win in new york state, i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. maria: we will take you to wisconsin live for report coming up on the program. it is called march madness for a reason. a buzzer beater last night carrying a win for the villanova wildcats, north carolina, 77-74. it was tight. villanova students hit the streets of campus after the big victory. tennessee lawmakers looking to make the bible the official state but. officials say the move would trivialize the holy book. preventing criminal activity, if you don't have a chase account, your withdrawals would be limited. turning to markets age under pressure overnight, markets mostly lower, the nikkei average the worst performer down 2.5% as
6:33 am
the japanese yen was higher. against the dollar, that weighed on stocks. in europe weakness across the board, and the dax index down 2.5%, 243 points lower, the s&p down 1.5%. in the us, the broader averages, dell industrial down 3/4% at 140 points lower. wisconsin voters head to the polls in a crucial primary, and fox news's mike tobin live in milwaukee with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. both front runners are looking at the potential of's sets, feeling the heat as particularly the case with donald trump, doing poorly with women following his comments that women should be punished for seeking abortions. he brought out his wife for a
6:34 am
rare campaign appearance and an appearance with sean hannity. >> what would you like him to change a little bit? >> tweeting, he has a great night. he can be presidential but sometimes he cannot stand someone attacking him. he sees somebody attacking him he will punch back twee 10 times harder. >> reporter: ted cruz is out front with 39% according to the latest numbers from real clear politics. trump is within striking distance at townhall with megan kelly. ted cruz answered questions about these allegations of his infidelity. >> donald, it makes him feel really tough, like a very big man to threaten people, in particular he seems to have a problem with strong women. i don't know why that is but it seems to really bother him.
6:35 am
there were no beams to spill. >> have you committed adultery? >> i have not. that attack was complete and utter garbage. >> reporter: governor john kasich is not within striking distance but he will not drop out, he is hoping to force everyone to scrap it up through the convention in cleveland. we will see how it works out by the end of the day. maria: mike tobin in wisconsin. the badger state battle may hold the key to a contested convention come july especially if donald trump fails to secure a majority of the 42 delegates that are up for grabs in wisconsin. an issue the republican front runner is all too familiar with. >> i want to be treated fairly. i'm getting far more votes than anybody. in louisiana i won the state but have less delegates than the guy i beat quite easily. what is going on? in all fairness way are way ahead in delegates but why would someone that loses have more delegates? they say there is this way. i don't care about ways.
6:36 am
i won the state. i am not supposed to have less delegates than a guy i beat. it doesn't work that way. maria: it is working that way. former scott walker campaign advisor and republican strategist, good to see you. bernie sanders is making the same argument, he is getting the popular vote but doesn't have a delegates have hillary clinton has. >> bernie has more of an argument because of the superdelegates. trump has gotten 37.6% of the popular vote so far, 45% of the delegates was whining about the process when the process has played in his favor is just that, whining. maria: that is why wisconsin is so important. when he comes back to the northeast states it is very expected he will get lots of delegates in places like new york. maria: we were watching townhall, ted cruz, megan kelly
6:37 am
and scott walker sat down in full support of ted cruz last night. is ted cruz in his campaign, i they making the most of what donald trump described as the worst week yet in this election? >> very much so. a lot has been made about the last week. the fact of the matter is what we are seeing in wisconsin is donald trump is upside down, he has been there for several weeks. the public polls show that. it is a reaction particularly to married republican women being very negative about his approach, his persona, his character. that was baked in before we got to the last week so this is coming home to roost. there is more solidifying there but one of the interesting things about wisconsin is we are seeing married men with children
6:38 am
turning negative towards trump, they are having to explain to their children why this bullish in-your-face approach of trump that they tell every day is not the way to be -- maria: i gave you a platform to talk about ted cruz and scott walker. i want to challenge you on ted cruz. a victory in wisconsin is a victory for ted cruz in wisconsin or does he have to win by a landslide for this to be changing of the guard? >> this is wisconsin. the thing to watch for tonight if trump walks out of wisconsin with less then ten delegates it is a huge victory for ted cruz but more importantly they went from saying they were going to win two weeks ago to saying they are going to win several days ago, at least half the delegates looking at even less than that. with this, assuming a victory for ted cruz at this point trump
6:39 am
would have to win numb 100% of all delegates between now and june 7th and would not get the top so this race is going at a minimum for him. maria: how well is ted cruz owing to do in northeastern states? places like new york? >> that is the point. this race will go all the way at a minimum. as long as this race goes, the more trump has to be the persona of winning this campaign the more likelihood these negatives he started with high negatives will continue to increase as we have seen in recent months. maria: good to speak with you. thanks for joining us. don't miss "varney and company" at 9 am on the east coast, special guest, katrina pearson will join stuart varney. tune into foxbusiness for special coverage of the wisconsin primary picking up at 7:00 pm eastern tonight on the
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foxbusiness network. join us as we are live from wisconsin. jpmorgan chase putting a cap on some atm withdrawals. was there a run on the bank? details on that. no government rules could put the brakes on the allegan pfizer merger. the treasury trying to prevent companies from dodging taxes at home. wall street week gets new life on the fox business network at 8:00 pm eastern, saturday and sunday morning hosted by anthony scaramucci and gary kaminsky. catch it here on the foxbusiness network this friday night. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems,
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6:44 am
favorites but here is the 26th annual airline quality rating report of the worst and e best. the worst airlines of 2015 our spirit, envoy, frontier and american which got the most passenger complaints. so much for that successful merger. best airline, we talked about it yesterday, virgin america. number one for the fourth straight year and it is being bought for 2 $.6 billion, the rating report looks at four categories, on-time performance, mishandled bags, involuntary denied boardings, customer complaints. in other headlined lawmakers in tennessee voted to make the holy bible the state's official book. the bill is aimed at recognizing the bible for his historical and cultural contributions to the state. the measure goes to republican governor who has not said whether he supports the bill. there are a lot of opponents to
6:45 am
the bill. jpmorgan changes the rules for withdrawals from atms, the bank's withdrawals at $1,000 daily for non-bank customers as people pull out tens of thousands of dollars at a time when the bank was modifying its machines to dispense numb $100 bills with no limit. banks are paying more attention, money laundering, we should say for jpmorgan customers, maximum withdrawals depending on the account type. gary kaminsky can't take out the 10 grand every morning for breakfast. maria: thank you. we will see how the banks go, not if you are a client have caps on them. maria: cheryl: this is due to heightened regulatory scrutiny. mostly large cash transactions, deciding more legitimate than
6:46 am
others. the government is on them in terms of you have got to make sure you are overseeing any potential. >> thousands of regulators inside jpmorgan, that many people have to find stuff to do. they will find stuff. you have to stay ahead of them, they will look for trouble even if there isn't. maria: there is something else behind this. >> i am going to defer. maria: so many regulators are housed in these banks and they are looking for something, anything. you have seen this increasing willingness to this, is this money laundering? i know what is going on in the bank. >> whatever the bank did or didn't do or deserve the didn't deserve they are gun shy because of the regulatory climate and that is the way it will be for a wild. for figuring out what possible
6:47 am
problems are down the road. maria: up next the happiest place on earth but when it comes to succession planning disney facing a few roadblocks. now that the heir apparent is out we will tell you the story next and donald trump making his final push to take wisconsin but one man has a bold message for the gop front runner, construction worker hanging a mexican flag at the top of the vancouver trump tower saying he was tired of trump's comments about mexican immigrants. >> a message for mister trump. maria: we will get a response from the trump code chairman and chief policy advisor sam clovis, what he things of that flag next. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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maria: stocks on the move, we expect a lower opening for broader averages, disney is one to watch, the man widely thought of to take over for ceo bob eiger unexpectedly leaving the company. thomas staggs stepping down because disney expanded its search for a replacement. new government roles may derail the 1 $50 billion merger deal sending allegan shares plunging, down better than 20%, the treasury department imposing tough new rules on corporate mergers that allow companies to lower their corporate tax rate by moving their headquarters out of the us, pfizer the 10th largest company in the us planning to go to ireland. consecutive monthly declines in fbi background checks on gun
6:52 am
sales pressuring gun stocks, tough day yesterday and continues this morning, smith and wesson shares better than 18% suffering the biggest selloff in eight years. will crude oil trading at $30 a barrel this morning extending losses of over 5% in the last month. this morning we are $35.63, despite fall in crude oil michigan jumping gasoline prices, the state reporting prices at the pump were up $.10 on average in the last week alone, the highest rise of any state in the united states. former bp ceo john brown. thank you for joining us. tell us where we are now from your standpoint in oil in terms of the supply and demand, do you believe this price? >> it is where it should be, where the market is clearing, a lot of supply, not just the us but russia all-time record high, the middle east, the issue of
6:53 am
iraq and, the production they make, there is little production around, not just one place so that has to clear and demand has to catch up but there is a large amount of inventory. that grows daily and before we see any response that has to clear as well. we have to be very patient if we want to see an uptick in price. when it is impossible to tell. >> at the end of last year they said we would see major bankruptcies and restructuring in the first quarter. in april we did not see it. why haven't these companies that don't have the right cost of capital in terms of commodity prices, why they still survive? >> a lot of equity issuances, a problem with restructuring. it is a lag between what is needed to restructure the industry and what actually happens. it will take time and in my view the time will come in the middle
6:54 am
where it can go no further and you have to do something and seek protection in some way. >> if you are looking at a potential acquisition would you wait for that to happen before you monitor the target? >> i would wait a bit but my experience is the great assets never really still cheaply. i'm not a real estate person but i don't think you get a bargain when you look at rockefeller center. >> what about the international center? does something happen that makes the saudi's say we will pull back? they are committed to not doing that. they are suffering, russia is suffering the economic situation is not good for big oil producers. does the shoe drop their? >> it always takes longer than you think because there are
6:55 am
plenty of reserves. and margin still standing up there. they take longer than you imagine. they kicked the can down the road and they wait and wait. maria: the energy boom you witnessed in this country, where did prices need to be to see the healthiest energy in this country? >> impossible to tell but it will be higher than 35 and at the height of the boom the price average $90 for ten years so it is not very helpful guidance but most commentators say somewhere around the $50 and $60 area gives us the health to keep investing for the future. the thing we have not yet seen is the impact and reduction of capital expenditure. this is a very big deal and it will take time for it to come
6:56 am
through, i mean years. today we are eating the sql for tomorrow and that has got to be reversed. that is much higher. maria: companies today are choosing to pay out dividends, they want to hold onto the dividend as much as they can. rather than increase the money in terms of r&d. >> development. developing their reserves takes time to do. they are not doing that. maria: let me ask about social issues, you were incredibly courageous when you came out and wrote the book the glass closet. are you seeing a change in terms of corporate america responding to their people? we have a case in north carolina. >> the corporate sector has got the idea that inclusion which is what this is about produces better engagement, better
6:57 am
productivity, you can see it. engaged company make more money consistently for good engagement. however, there is a lot of sliding in this area. the glass is half-full. but constant vigilance is needed, these things go backwards, what is happening in north carolina is very disappointing, it is wrong. i always thought to myself if you substituted sexuality something to do with gender, if this were women being treated this way are african-americans the outcry would even be higher than it is today. maria: really good point. good to see you. thanks for joining us. we will be right back, stay with us. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa!
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maria: welcome back, i am maria bartiroma, it is april 5th. 7 am on the east coast, decision day has arrived. donald trump trying to appeal to women, bringing out the big guns, his wife. >> he has a great night and he can be presidential. and if somebody attacks him he will punch backs we 10 times
7:01 am
harder. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking ahead to new york where they have agreed to a debate. scary pictures in indonesia. two planes colliding on the tarmac, which leaders are named in the documents, who are they are blaming. it is called march madness for a reason. a wild finish in the ncaa championship game. >> the champions. maria: that secured the win for the villanova wildcats, final score 77-74. your markets this morning, asia overnight mostly lower, the
7:02 am
nikkei average the worst performer as the japanese yen hit the 17 month high against the dollar. the average down 2.5%. in europe across the board week factory order date out of germany weighing on the decks index down 2/3%. in the us we expect lower opening, the indications for the decline of 125 points. this would be the lows of the morning. all that coming up in the program. sandra smith, matt murray, and gary kaminsky. a great lineup this morning, thanks for being here. trump campaign national campaign manager, and apollo astronaut buzz aldrin and senator ron johnson. washington wizards owner, you don't want to miss it. and right here the crucial vote in the primary state.
7:03 am
>> good morning in wisconsin, the town of brookfield is where we are, this is a suburb outside milwaukee. and the badger state set to open here in an hour. they expect turnout. 42 delegates in play, ted cruz, donald trump and john kasich are ted cruz in the state early and often, paul would suggest he might have a slight lead into election day. numbers have been coming down a bit according to polling for ted cruz. donald trump made a last-second pitch across the state campaigning feverishly and the last couple days including bringing his wife out onto the campaign trail, for john kasich he pretty much picked up and left a few days ago. he has been exclusively in the northeast the last few days. ted cruz sat down with megan kelly in wisconsin and sounded pretty confident heading into election day.
7:04 am
>> in wisconsin let me point out the media has been saying for weeks and weeks that wisconsin was not going to be a good state for us, this was a natural state for donald trump, wisconsin was a purple blue state, wisconsin, there were not many evangelicals here, heavily manufacturing blue-collar state. i can't tell you how many media analysts i heard they donald trump is going to run away with with confidence and -- wisconsin. >> reporter: 86 delegates will be awarded tonight and polling suggests this will be another tight state in the midwest between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. sanders has done well in this area, west of minnesota and east of michigan and being competitive all around in iowa and illinois. the headline into today, you have the two front runners, donald trump and hillary clinton potentially staring down tonight in wisconsin. maria: a big night, thank you so
7:05 am
much. donald trump making a push to take delegates from ted cruz and boost his support with female voters along the way. trump's wife joi in milwaukee. campaign for the gop front runner. >> i brought somebody very special along. i would like to introduce my wife. >> it is an honor to be here today with you and with my husband. i am very proud of him. he is a hard worker, he is kind, he has a great heart, he is tough, he is smart, he is a great communicator. he is a great negotiator. he is telling the truth. he is a great leader. he is fair. maria: joining us is sam clovis. thanks for joining us.
7:06 am
is she going to be doing more campaigning? >> i think so. she is a great asset for donald trump, a wonderful person once you get to know her, she is really a delightful person. as beautiful as she is on the outside she is equally beautiful on the inside. maria: she came across what was i got to ask about donald trump's comments on the economy because this is really being debated across business right now. he made a bold prediction the us would go into recession if he loses in november. >> we are in a massive bubble, we have money that is the cheapest money we ever had but i can borrow all the money i want to borrow but if you are not really rich you can't borrow money. ever hear of cheap money nobody can get? we are sitting on a bubble. the stock market is very inflated. maria: that is a pretty bold call. he also said he will eliminate
7:07 am
$19 trillion in debt in eight years. i have a report for a responsible federal budget, they say absolutely debt, will reach $28 trillion by 2025 to save that much money cutting spending and achieving 16% annual growth. sounds like it is out there to eliminate the debt in eight years. >> the opportunity is to start buying down the debt in eight years and that is within reach. the opportunities are there. don't think that will take much structural change. the tax reform plan is an excellent one. i was in meetings yesterday discussing this issue, going over all the features, discussing all the aspects of it looking at requirements we could make that would make it even better.
7:08 am
when we finish this up and presented to congress in 2017 we have the opportunity to move the ball and we will see pretty dramatic growth, the kennedy tax cut and reagan tax-cut the first several years were very dramatic in the amount of growth we can get. we have so many things that have to be accomplished, structural tax reform has to be at the very highest part of the priority list. maria: just to be clear before we go on to another subject, donald trump said he won't touch social security but if you exclude social security, he is going to have to cut government spending by 93% in order to do what he is saying he is going to do. maria: you hit the nail on the head. we won't touch social security right now. those are the factors we have to
7:09 am
look at. we can't do anything until we get this economy back on its feet and running at the proper level. i do agree. i have been teaching this in my classes for several years that the equity markets because of quantitative easing are incredibly inflated and we are looking at potential with fragility of markets across the world and looking at oil, fascinated to watch your show this morning and all these factors are there. maria: gary, how are you? >> one of the reasons trump has caught on is he is a business person. making the recession based on what he sees at trump enterprises is he seeing signs that he would as a businessperson is preparing his own company for recession? >> it is a great question and absolutely right. he is a person that has the volume of business to look at those indicators. it may not be another slice of
7:10 am
the economy but it is for him. >> he told you and the rest of the team what he sees in the business, he mentioned it is hard to get a loan but one of the factors, what data it has he seen that tells him the recession is right around the corner? >> we are seeing slow growth, 1.38% in growth from gdp the last 11 years. what he sees is the psychological aspect of this and we don't talk enough about that. what people are doing with their money are not doing with their money this becomes a consumption economy, people are slowing their consumption are looking at other things, over stock of inventory is exactly what happens, we have a multitude of errors so we have to clear those inventories and that means layoffs so this leads to those
7:11 am
recessions. we have been in a flat recession for a long time but we don't get to the technical qualification of it. maria: this is sandra smith. i wanted to go back to trump and women. some favorability with women 3:1 according to us cbs poll but it is not a trump and women problem but republican party and women problem and hillary clinton is having a hard time with women as well. what is the strategy? he brought his wife out on the stage for the townhall with sean hannity and at 6:00 we had david drucker from the washington examiner saying he brought her out to sayings w say things everybody knows, when attacks he will punch backed we 10 times harder. david was making the point, we didn't need to hear that from her. could he be using her in a better way considering his strategy to attract women has not been working? >> we have to take a look as we
7:12 am
go through the campaign, we are focusing on every state, in two weeks we have state coming up, a lot has to be a shifted message as we go forward to make the economic case to men and women regardless of where they are and if we make that economic case, people will come around to that. what we find is every time you hear the word leadership mentioned that one of his rallies the place explodes. this is what they are looking for. donald trump is different. he is different. maria: finish your thought. >> at the end of the day this is what people are looking for. they are looking for people with the skills, he has created tens of thousands of jobs, he is a leader, a charismatic leader and people are looking for leadership and because we had a void of that for the last 30 years. maria: what about the
7:13 am
construction worker in vancouver hanging up the mexican flag across donald trump's vancouver hotel? he is sending a message to donald trump saying i am hanging this mexican flag on trump vancouver? >> i don't think donald trump is going to get involved in dealing with an individual employee on a project in vancouver, canada. that will be left to the site manager to deal with. maria: trump has not reached out to this construction worker? >> as far as i know. no one has talked to me about it. maria: good to have you on this program, appreciate your time. tune into the foxbusiness network for special coverage of the wisconsin primary kicking off tonight at 7:00 pm eastern, neil cavuto, lou dobbs tonight. a passenger jet burst into flames after colliding with another plane on the tarmac. details coming next and new developed on the panama papers, protesters filling the streets in iceland. calling on the prime minister to step down. we will be right back. the heirloom tomato.
7:14 am
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intensely-flavored. beautifully-misshapen. when you cook with incredible make incredible meals. get your first two meals free at maria: north korea threatening an attack on washington again. cheryl casone he with details and headlines. cheryl: the kim jong-il regime says it is ready to hit washington dc with nuclear weapons, the country also claims the strikes would kill more people than the 9/11 attacks did. the threat is part of the response to ongoing military drills between the us and south korea off the shores of north
7:17 am
korea. you have seen the pictures but they are incredible. a passenger jet bursting into flames when it collides with another plane being towed across the runway. the boeing 737 preparing for take off in indonesia when it's wing clipped the smaller plane's tail. none of the people on board were hurt but the left wing as you can see is a mangled mess. the other plane scorched. significant damage to the tale of the aircraft. some of the world's rich and famous are under scrutiny after 11 million pages of leaked documents from a panamanian law firm show tax evasion and criminal activity in the offshore account. among those documents, close friends with russian president vladimir could net relatives of the leaders of china, britain, iceland, pakistan, calls for iceland's prime minister this
7:18 am
morning to resign. he walked out of the interview. the panamanian law firm at the center of the scandal denies any wrongdoing as his credits we's, hsbc, they were helping clients to cheat on their taxes. maria: elizabeth mcdonald joins us now following the story closely. liz: we are seeing three banks pop up and this is where the us government can take this. hold government set up tax avoidance policies like ireland, this is really about two things, public officials including public coffers and using shell companies and where the us could take this is doing business with companies and countries on the blacklist for the us. 33 companies are popping up that
7:19 am
are blacklisted, three banks, credit suites and hsbc are thought to be working with the blacklisted companies, hsbc was one of the heaviest users of this law firm, 2300 of the 15,000 plus shells were ordered up since the 70s. here is where they are zooming in, terrorism, nuclear weapons, financing, north korea and the middle east, the use of one of the shelf to fuel the airplanes in syria that did the barrel bombs. the shell company that had the jet fuel going into syria. the third is drug kings and queens in mexico and guatemala, nuclear proliferators in north korea. that is where the concern is. we are talking or ran, sudan, cuba, we know a lot of banks
7:20 am
have been hit by the justice department with fines and criminal prosecution for working with blacklisted companies. the thinking is this is where the probe can lead. maria: they have settled. >> probes are continuing. i want to know how open a secret was this and how revelatory. everyone knew about this law firm. liz: it is an open secret that this stuff goes on but they didn't have the names of the companies and who were being used as middlemen. we are counting 617 us middlemen the us could start looking at. it is not banks, not jt banks but law firms and foundations. maria: good to see you. coming up fresh off of our historic trip to cuba secretary of congress will join us in an exclusive and speaking of history the first buzzer beater
7:21 am
to win the ncaa championship in 30 years got the highlights next, back in a minute.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
maria: historic finish at the basketball championship game. what a game. >> you could not ask for a better ending to the basketball season, championship game in houston, north carolina tar heels versus villanova wildcats, carolina by 7, wildcats try to pull closer, phil booth with a couple seconds to go in the
7:25 am
first half finishing with 20, villanova trailed by 5 at halftime. second have carolina went cold. villanova heated up, wildcats made 58% of shots after halftime. one stretch they scored 19 out of 26 points. the wildcats led by ten, carolina came back to tie the game, and the shot, marcus page, nothing expected this to go in, we go to overtime, carolina ties it to 74. in the huddle, jay rice says i told them the name of the play and they know what to do. the final chance up the court, look for chris jenkins, bank! that is what the coach said.
7:26 am
77-74, the first buzzer beater in the ncaa to win it all since lorenzo charlie did it. and the celebration in villanova went on outside philadelphia. maria: i want to do lapse around the studio, that was exciting. >> let's see the contest. >> and definitely going up. >> the man who hit that was named the tournament's most outstanding player. the kids grow up as a villanova fan and receive praise from men who hit the shot, here is the senior, has an opportunity for the game-winning shot and passes it back in the game-winner. dagen: gary has been quiet. maria: carolina had at home.
7:27 am
one thing, not only does he make the pass but a legal screen screens out jenkins. and amazing flight. and it is an amazing play and you are creating a legal screen. maria: that is -- >> my son james. and i am disappointed that today. more people picked villanova in a 15 seed than to win the entire tournament in the espn bracket. dagen: i am glad the heels beat syracuse because syracuse crushed the cavaliers. maria: got to talk about baseball, washington star
7:28 am
wearing a controversial hat resembles donald trump's campaign gear, make baseball fun again. dagen: baseball is the worst professional sport. it is so slow. it is so slow. the oldest demographic of any sport. dagen: the average viewer. >> the average viewer. >> your grandfather watching baseball and the kids are watching soccer and basketball. dagen: it is not interesting to those who didn't grow up with it, those who don't understand it. dagen: i grew up with and played softball in heiskell and still hate it. >> they found a direct correlation, if you play baseball or softball growing up
7:29 am
you are more likely to watch baseball and that is why they are finding baseball has this age problem, it is down 40% so we need people like bryce harper, one of the younger faces in the game. can we not have all of these? dagen: we don't fit half of them. it is slow. pick it up, let's go. games should not be that long. maria: thanks for your time. up next, a deal under pressure, new treasury department rules could derail pfizer and allegan, 1 $50 billion merger, we will tell you about it. g people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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maria: welcome back, i am maria bartiromo, good morning to you tuesday, april 5 top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast. decision day arrived wisconsin, polls opening in less than two hours, high stakes on republican side of the race, toed ted holding a lead over donald trump john kasich still fighting for votes, despite calls for him, to drop out of the race. democrats race tighter in he badger state, hillary clinton facing growing pressure from bernie sanders, still looking for the general election. >> when i hear donald trump or ted cruz with those offensive comments they make about muslims, it is not only wrong, it is dangerous. because what we've got to do -- [applause]. -- it makes sure everybody the
7:33 am
peoples comfortable and welcome to pick up that phone or to go on to computer. to report something. >> live the wisconsin coming up in the program, helicopter crash in tennessee league five people dead accident starting a wildfire details coming up for you, the space race is on jeff bezos a major win with perfect landing for blue origin this week apollo astronaut buzz alled reason i with us weighing in straight ahead, this morning under pressure look where we stand in losses on wall street expecting, the futures are indicating a decline of about 100 points on dow jones industrial average weakness europe in aish, treasury taking i am a at u.s. corporate tax dodgers that motive overseas to lower corporate tax rate the round of regulations may derail the deal between pfizer and allergan 150-billion-dollar merger joining us right now
7:34 am
u.s. secretary of commerce, good to see you now good to see you now thank you so much for joining us. >> i know back from cuba with president i want to ask about your trip did a, first on this story terms of treasurer new rules, we had treasury second jack lew on he was clear we do not like when companies leave america to find a better tax rate making it tougher why not go back to the tax code change the tax code rather than more prulz after more rules. >> well, right now, you know, we don't have a lot of flexibility to be able to change the tax code. and so what the president is doing is taking action, against folks who are trying to move their about headquarters for tax purposes. >> don't you this that i at the end of the day, the reason that they are leaving is because we've got highest tax rate in industrialed world rather than putting more rules on is it smarter to lower the corporate tax rate. >> how come so difficult to do is really the question. >> once you address the tax rate, obviously, the secretary
7:35 am
of treasury is person expert in this it is very complex, and there are winners and losers, so it is a hard thing to get through congress. and meantime, though the president's view we've got to take action we can't afford to have companies just decide i am going to move to a different country because of the shopping tax rates. >> let me ask you about cuba you just rushed from a trip with president obama, a lot going on in the world. while you were there tell us how trip was what your takeaways were. >> a historic trip it was terrific welcomed cube about an people lined streets excited to have a us here, visiting really, phenomenal what was amazing past year since the president changed our policy, and decided that we're going to engage is now you have direct flights to cuba, americans going to visit cuba, you've got direct mail, and direct toefl calls so you've got a lot more people to people he engagement going
7:36 am
on between united states and cuba. >> what did you make of -- of the comments once the president came back when we saw that you know the head of cabe is saying look, caused disruption, i know the people are happy they want to change in their lives blood test after you left, what happens then. >> there is a lot going on, what is what we've done we are administration both treasury department and department of commerce, have changed regulations, that are maybeing it easier for certain businesses, that are allowed under the current embargo to be able to do more business in cuba, and -- also, what we're being allowed is the ability for us to be able to have greater people to people engagements really important the president's fundamental premise is if we engage, rather than isolate cuba over time there will be change, and that is what is happening. >> let me ask you about engaging for example with somebody like a china. because recently we were
7:37 am
seeing chinese allocate money in u.s. we see that the group tried to break up deal between marriott and starwood your background is the hotel business, hyatt hotels talk to us about that, because i think that some people are a little worried that china is inquiring our hotels other industries that should be deemed off limits to foreigners. >> i think that is oversimplification i think we have to recognize that we live in a globalized economy american businesses making acquisitions all over the world chinese businesses, are making some acquisitions, here, we shouldn't be afraid of that what we should be doing is opening up our economy, that is why it is so important that we have new trade agreements, we want to make more opportunity for american businesses, as opposed to being afraid and pull in horns, in terms of he engagement. >> when chinese first acquired the waldorf-astoria president obama said he wouldn't stay there any more because rooms
7:38 am
are tapped. >> i wouldn't worry about one acquisition, of one hotel. what i would focus on, is frankly the what is our ability to do business around the world by u.s. corporations, and you know we have a policy in our country of encouraging foreign direct investment, you know the reason why? it is because it creates american jobs. so one of the things that we have done in our mix is create a program called select usa, we actually for the very first time united states reaches out, to 32 target countries including china japan, including australia, and others saying please to come, and invest in united states, please create jobs here. >> interesting, because this is exactly the issue that seems to be ripping apart the country, ripping apart like, in terms of the republicans democrats ripping apart republican party that is what impact of free trade is donald trump obviously talked about it a lot feeling u.s. always
7:39 am
on the disadvantage what is the angry people feel open borders you've got foreigners coming in taking american jobs, that is just the opposite what you just said. >> right, i -- what is happening, is what free trade does, is create the opportunity for american businesses and american workers to sell goods and services around the world, the trans pacific partnership is giving access for american companies to the fastest growing marketplace in the entire world middle class growing from 500 million to 3.2 billion in the next 15 years. this is a market we want our american companies to have ease access to, what is happening, is other countries are doing free trade agreements in the asia-pacific their companies have the ability to sell goods and services with no tariffs we are the disadvantage the other
7:40 am
thing is it also raises labor standards in our 11 partner countries as well as raistsdz the environmental standards make american workers more competitive. >> why do you think hillary clinton seems to be backing away from tpp is bernie sanders pushing her to somewhere she doesn't want go quote in june i don't think you are at all walking away from or ignoring the economic and commercial aspects of our pivot saying we want best possible deal for the american people i said that from the beginning would i jij the tpp on whether it proximate caused american worker whether it raises wages whether it protected our national security and that is exactly what donald trump says, it doesn't do. >> i disagree. i think tpp is good for national security and good for the american worker. and the reason is it is giving our companies access into the region, the more presence that we have, in the aish pacific region greater stability that there will be in that region, and we are being weld vietnam
7:41 am
wants malaysia wants us there if we do more business you've got to raise labor standards you've got to be more respectful of environment so that we are not our companies are not at a you disadvantage we don't have barriers to doing business in united states so -- >> that is the problem -- >> no. >> china has 10 industries that they deem as foreigners cannot own at all forget more than 49% not happening a foreign will not be allowed to acquire defense company in china, like oil, like food, do we have any protections around our to a very i. >> sure, we have a program if you are trying to buy a company that is critical to our national security that goes through a government review so the idea that that that we're not protecting our
7:42 am
critical industries is -- is a mis-- perception but what is important is to give access for our companies at so that we are on a level-playing field. so that we go take advantage of the fastest growing markets in the world or i workers can benefit from those opportunities -- >> actually, a really important point, because they've got 1.3 billion people for us to be selling to, do you think then, that we have a fair shot in china? >> america, is has a fair shot in china then? >> your china is a very complex market and one we have to work hard on, to make sure, that our companies have a fair shot at. >> we're not there yet. >> there is work to be done. >> good to see you thanks for joining us commerce secretary joining us a short break a lot more to come "mornings with maria" stay with us, talk about making an exit a flight attendant deploys emergency slide after landing safely on the ground, the bizarre details next.
7:43 am
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maria: welcome back, a helicopter accident in tennessee to report cheryl casone with that this right now. cheryl: that is right a site seeing helicopter crashing eastern part of the state killing all five onboard. the chaper would say destroyed by fire, after the crash. no one on the ground was injured, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. this morning. well, nothing says spring like winter blast in the northeast heavy snow from buffalo to albany in new york, southerning new england hit by a slow moving storm up to 8 inches parts of massachusetts rhode island, another story folks to leave with you involving a flight crewmen, this time a houston flight attendant making headlines, united airlines flight
7:47 am
attendant intlepgs opened plane door indeflated the slide officials say dip happened after plane landeded in houston had come from sacramento we have no idea why united would be the say she has been removed from all duties there is video i captain show you for ll reasons she went down slide walked away. >> wow, went down the slide, all right. thanks. >> billionaires -- funny -- >> blirnz raising to kick off new era of space attractively we sit down with apollo 1 astronaut buzz aldrin how it has changed since walked on the moon more than 45 years ago.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
>>. ♪ man on the moon maria: look at this video looking at video of the first lunar landing more than 45 years ago. space travel has changed a lot since then, now commercial space touchl companies are racing to build ships capable of flying amateur astronauts to infiniti and beyond, blue origin for example a space travel start-up owned by jeff bezos launched landed a reyufbl rocket major accomplishment in commercial spaceflight, no dream is too
7:52 am
high apollo 11 distraug 1 astro aldrin in the studio great to so a you he thanks so much. >> thank you. >> no dream is too high. you just quoted. >> talking about your book. >> but quoted a line about -- >> no dream is too high the man walked on the moon. >> i'm sorry. >> my. >> tell us what you think about all this commercial -- >> to mars, nice t-shirt. >> that is -- sill vester stallone his song. >> what is your take on all commercial space travel jebezos launching a sflookt we are in resurgence it is about time, 4% of discretionary funds in
7:53 am
1967. okay? six times -- moon one day. may be two days. then nothing, what we got for that we are at half percent. of discretionary funds. we can't go hardly anywhere especially a couple things you are trying to build are politically motivate, space station needs to come down pretty soon, can't stay up forever -- >> buzz you are very involved in the effort to get to mars, are we really going to get there what is it going to take to get people to mars? >> 50th anniversary of our landing, 2019, july 20th. the president is going to say within two decades america
7:54 am
will lead international crews to land on mars, that will be 2039 before 2040. there is a lot in between. there is a lot in between when we were flying the shuttle, which we were given seven years because it is dangerous and we retired it. you know how we get to space now? by paying the russian space program, to take us up there for the last five years or more, doesn't that make america feel proud? >> yeah. >> going to be that way. >> what about. >> replace it with commercial. >> exactly. >> travel with several of the -- the new people, like. >> like -- >> elon musk jeff bezos boeing in there too you expect that sandra we saw a successful
7:55 am
launch from blue origin. sandra: yeah. >> it is several -- he has orbital one to come later. sandra: amazing to me when you see the general interest of people who are -- who are interested in space travel, as tourism i don't think i would engage in that. >> would you go sfwhook no, i am more about valuable right here, with my scratch pad and couple of computer experts. i am in orbital gym in that event you know what that means? >> -- when you think about every day people, going into the into space travel, you can't help but think about mount everest professional climbers you know what happened when you commercialized that started to have amateurs up there i am certain there will be people can pay have the money to go
7:56 am
into space i want to ask you -- get up there what is it going to be like for them because i don't think they are going to really be prepared for the physical the physical. >> what is it like buzz. >> a lot of people maybe 50% when you really ask them have difficulty adjusting to the zero gravity and i have my own theory about it, a if you've got a great sense of humor sense every direction when we remove gravity vector, you get a little confused. if you have a lousy sense of direction like me, okay? you are not happy with anything upside down sideways kind of makes a difference one of the first civilians we took was a senator on appropriations, that is why you take people.
7:57 am
>> [laughter] >> now, he -- over 10,000-hour flight time, he was quite sick. and. >> the commander of the first flight that went to the moon apollo 8, christmas time, he got sick pretty much on the way. he irritated madeleine murray o'hare does that mean anything to you? okay. by reading from genesis the bible christmas time. >> there you go. >> and so i want to -- take communion on the moon, and i did. but couldn't say i didn't i was advised not to say anything about it till five or 10 years. >> buzz aldrin given us secrets good to see you thank you so much we will be right back.
7:58 am
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maria: goodtize morning i'm maria bartiromo tuesday, april 5 your top stories now at 8:00 on east coast, decision day has arrived for wisconsin polls opening in two hours high stakes republican said to ted cruz a wide lead over donald trump john kasich fighting for votes, despite calls for him to drop out of the race. on democratic side race tooifrt in badger state hillary clinton and bernie sanders already look to go new york, and sanders sending a warning shot to clinton yesterday. >> it is a large voter turnout
8:01 am
we will win here, if we win here we are going to have a bounce, going into new york state. where i think we can win, if we win in new york state, between you and me i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous shan she already is. maria: inside look at primary republican wisconsin senator john johnson march madness for a reason in case you didn't stay up late a wild finish in ncaa championship game, watch. >> -- for the championship! [cheers and applause] . >> champions. >> that secured the win for the villanova wildcats 77-74. changing the way we see sports, twitter reportedly securing rights to stream nfl games we tell you about it markets this morning, are lower in asia ornt markets he mostly lower nikkei average down 2 1/2% averse former
8:02 am
japanese yen 17-month high against dollar weakness across the board in europe this morning as well take a look major averages tacks weak data out of japan dax in german down 2 1/2% cac quarante paris down 2 and a quarter percent in u.s. lower expecting or the markets once opening in hour and a half dow jones industrial average expected to openly down 122 points, all that coming up in program this morning, and with me fox business network sandra smith "the wall street journal" matt murray "the wall street journal" week co-host gary kaminsky how about buzz aldrin. >> cool. >> we've got breaking news polls open state wisconsin a primary that will be crucial for about this year's nomination process, blake burman is on the ground right now in brooke veiled wisconsin with latest. good morning to you blake. reporter: hi maria good morning to you as well the sun is up and the polls are open, all across the state of wisconsin, right now, here are 7:00 local time, on a rather cold but nice day, here in the
8:03 am
badger state we are in brookfield this is a suburb in the milwaukee area polling center a public safety building, it has been a stream of people over the last couple minutes as polling locations have opened did you vote ma'am? >> you did? >> she voted told me, they are coming in and out. here is what is at stake on republican side 42 delegates awarded for the most wart winner take all it is possible that whoever wins on republican side will get most or all of the votes, ted cruz in this state early, and often he was barn strorj across wisconsin yesterday so too was donald trump, he even brought his wife melania trump on the trail he made different stops across wisconsin, john kasich left his state, a few days ago, it is quite possible, that he leaves here with zero delegates later tonight we will see allow this shakes out later tonight on democratic said to 86 delegates in play they will be awarded for pro importancely the polling
8:04 am
suggests this could be a very tight race between hillary clinton, and bernie sanders, potentially with sanders leading a couple things to point out maria here in wisconsin, first and foremost we see kids coming by with parents, hello. this is an open primary here in wisconsin, so a couple things, that means, that democrats can vote republican, vice versa also, independents will have their say today, as well. and listening to the local news reports, here last night maria they were telling people, make sure you leave a few minutes, bring a little bit of patience if there are some lines at the polling places, they are expecting a rather large turnout in wisconsin today it is a -- a nice stream coming in here in brookfield, suburb of milwaukee back to you. maria: amazing every contest more exciting than the past one, thank you blake we will watch day's blake burman from economy to national security candidates speak out on top issues to voters as they head
8:05 am
to polls. zmoe we are in a massive bubble we've cheapest money we ever had yet nobody can borrow it unless you are very rich if i want o to borrow money i can borrow all i want to borrow but if you are not really rich you can't borrow did you hear of cheap money nobody can get sitting on a bubblestock market is very inflated. >> i believe we've got to fix social security fix the border balance the budget one party can't do it. maria: joining us wisconsin republican senator raun johnson good to see you thanks so much for joining us today. >> good morning. >> let's talk first about top issues for voters in wisconsin what do you think will drive them to the polls today? >> i can describe one word security. >> security. >> jobs security income security retirement security health care security face it -- affordable care act did not life up to name, about national security across the board this has been true five years i have been traveling around the state people have just a sense of -- of i
8:06 am
ill-at-ease concerned about security across the board. >> whether national security or economic security, do you think the candidates are coming up with real solutions, to those worries? >> well, you know i come from manufacturing background you know one thing i have been pointing out you don't solve a problem till i admit you have one that is certainly just affliction i have weep washington, d.c., here just denying of reality. so i think the first thing you have to do is properly zrib problem admit you have it to a certain extent people are dribdz it number one solution for it maria is economic growth what i would recommend any candidate lay forward your vision in terms of how you grow the economy. >> yeah, i mean look i want to colleagues on set we all want to ask you what your take is on that, but do you agree with donald trump saying we are on a massive bubble going into a recession?
8:07 am
we know has what is going on in manufacturing the economy arguably already in recession your part of the world? >> well, again i can't predict stock market i can't predict the economy other than our economy is growing at a just a tepid rate, and if we can grow the economy get back up to historical growth rates, just one percent additional growth is about 14 trillion dollars or 10 years additional economic activity, even with minger economic growth since 2009, we've had 1.1 trillion dollars additional revenue on annual basis, just minger economic growth number one solution economic growth reduce regulatory burden competitive tax system prices low while we protect our environment. >> i want to ask you about someone in wisconsin i am curious to hear about paul ryan, has strong views on this as well, he is -- so many support tpp being talked about as a possible compromise
8:08 am
candidate even though said no, door seems open a crack what is your read on him? as a possible surprise candidate in a brokered convention? >> i am a big paul ryan pan he has all attributes i look for treth, intelligence ideas of courage when he laid out road map for america i think 8 coresponsors zl type of individual we need not only as nominee but next president enormous challenges facing the nation would love to see paul as president of the united states some day. >> do you think a quarterly dividend or really no chance. nobody can predict how this is going to turn out nobody can predict it. maria: unbelievably. >> i am a midwestern girl i talk to people back home grew up in chicago, you know lots of friends in wisconsin area, it seems that the general public has been caught off guard by -- i guess the lack of support they thought donald trump was going to see in the
8:09 am
state with recent polling, showing ted cruz is likely to win the state, what is the general public pundits media what are they getting wrong? about the state of wisconsin, that they are not going for donald trump so much as they are ted cruz? donald trump people blue collar workers are not showing up as much as they originally predicted for donald trump ? >> i think what everybody underestimated how informed republican primary vote fors c1 are, we have just exceptional talk radio hosts in business for decades i listen to them before i became united states senator i don't have time anymore we have exceptional talk radio hosts understand the subjects, and they talk to listeners, really, from sunup to sundown, laying out issues, so we have really well-informed listeners voters in wisconsin, and if you are going to come to wisconsin you are going to campaign you better be up on you know be up on issues have some real answers. >> senator i want to ask you because so many people in
8:10 am
party are concerned about what a possible trump win could mean for gop mouse and senate you yourself are returning for reflex if trump wins, does that help you or hurt you? >> i am a -- a manufacturer from wisconsin not political pundit having pen in private sector i dealt with all kinds of individuals eccentric to positive look at any problem where is the opportunity, whoever a nominee is my intention is to support that nominee, and i will do everything to make sure that hillary clinton by these by these is not the next president of the united states. >> do you think all the candidates right now in gop side could be the hillary clinton then? >> again i am not a political pundit we will see how this process plays out. >> i know you are not a political punditate minute ago you answered the question saying i would love to see paul brian president. >> i would. >> there are a lot of fans of paul ryan if paul ryan is brought in, 11th hour in contested convention doesn't that spark massive upset
8:11 am
certainly for trump supporters how does that play out? >> i can't predict it. listen all i am responsible for is my own words my own actions, no matter who nominee is what i agree if i agree with that individual on things -- if i disagree i will try and move that individual's position a lit more toward my way of thinking. >> he we'll leave there it good to have you on program thanks so much. >> have a good morning snow ron johnson in wisconsin. >> fallout from "panama papers" residents inis landed showing up to demanded recess sayings of prime minister after he was named in dominates villanova expecting a third ever ncaa victory the buzzer-beater that made it all possible next more after the break stay with us. ♪ ♪ showing up to demanded
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
maria: welcome back it was an instant classic with way villanova beat north carolina in ncaa championship game the headlines did you watch it. cheryl: i watched this morning, over, and over. >> there you go. cheryl: amazing, amazing we've got video maybe listen to it for a minute but it with
8:15 am
a as buzzer beater the villanova wildcats cutting down basically the neither after last second thriller against north carolina, it was a wild finish tar heel sr., hit a double clutch 3 there you go, amazing, amazing, double clutch 3 to tie with 4.7 seconds rage, villanova becoming a hero nailed 3 pointer at the buzzer there has not been a buzzer beater win since 1983, nay next to big story following for you, reports this morning about twitter maria reportedly winning a deal to live s stream thursday night nfl games reports of a twitter won battle against major companies amazon yoo-hoo verizon facebook dropped out of the building last week, experts say deal is important to nfl, more people drop capable tv become costumed to strategic on laptops shock to tell you
8:16 am
wallet disney chief operating officer says he is leaving the company may 6 he was widely thought to take over for robert iger, reportedly decided to quit found out iger board did to broad 10 search iger is 65 plans to retire in june 2018. i am going to leave you with this -- breakfast tiek mcdonald's is unleashing the godzilla of burgers in japan -- am i -- good lord the giga max burger all same ingredients as big mac but 2.8 times amount of meat four patties instead of a two the patties in japan thicker wider mcdonald's is promoting this by saying when you eat it you achieve a quote satisfied sense of accomplishment. and -- stomach acre. >> calories do you think that
8:17 am
is. >> 2500. >> what do you think. >> 5,000. >> i go with 5,000. >> -- i am going with -- i know several pounds. >> newburgher yankee stadium you talked about last week. >> i never tried any of this stuff, by the way, bernie sanders momentum as reporters head to polls in wisconsin he says hill should feel nervous not him, villanova ncaa champs streamed in virtual reality one professional team owner plans to change the sports viewing experience for all of us as he tries to attract millennials about washington wizards owner joins us back in a minute. ♪
8:18 am
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♪ . >> joining the conversation robert wolf battle between hillary clinton bernie sanders heats up in wisconsin at campaign event in badger state said he thinks he will win the wisconsin primary hill shill be nervous a win could propel him to victory in new york. >> if there is a large voter turnout, we will win here, if we win here we are going to have a bounce, going into new york state where i think we can win, if we win in new york state, between you and me i don't want to get hillary
8:22 am
clinton more nervous than she already is, [laughter]. maria: outside advisory to president obama. >> great to be here. >> good to see you. >> what do you think about that. >> bernie gives great spaechz excitement no question. >> new yorker. he is. >> i thought he was senator of vermont snow clinton of in orange county. >> i view miles bostonian living in new york that is fine, bernie is running a great campaign i mean i know that everyone likes to talk about demise secretary clinton it is not happening he would have to win over 60% new york california, pennsylvania new jersey if we went cross this table i think each one of you would say that is not happening. so as -- >> i think he is doing he is running a great campaign, getting excitement in the party going to be good for the general. >> how is he running a great campaign a socialist robert.
8:23 am
>> listen he has a very pop lift tony we know in the primary far left far right you know have been resonating but i think when we get to you know, let's look at the states that have a lot of diversity, florida, ohio, she beat bernie in ohio over 30%, beat him in ohio florida over 30, ohio by 15. you don't win general election without taking florida and ohio. i am not really that concerned about who is going to be the general election candidate for the democratic party. >> what is going to happen with -- bernie, from november not going to fade away he has got such a -- got such a following here what happens. >> make sure as a democrat he doesn't fade away i think should have incredible role at convention we need to get out the vote, let's be clear, he is doing an incredible job with the millennials, we need to help -- get out rote. >> speaking at convention, not going to just to have him speak in convention does not seem that he is getting out there, and -- money try to
8:24 am
help hillary clinton of a be clear by general election time, you will have barack obama right now more particular than reagan was at the same time in their in the 8th year you will have president clinic, and i got a feeling we will do pretty good getting getting out the vote. >> i think i will stick with robert okay with you gary. >> are you kidding me? >> that is my college football -- >> go ahead. >> you are sanders won't hit on this i will ask you -- she is under investigation by fbi bernie sanders doesn't touch in debate town hall leaves it alone doesn't want to address it we have the energy on it very gentleman but she said this is an interview over weekend, she quote not worried about it, that rubbed people wrong way you are currently running for the democratic nomination you are under investigation by fbi, for exchanging classified information on a private
8:25 am
e-mail investor not worded about it how do you getaway with that. >> if anyone has been under scrutiny 5 years, 10 years secretary clinton i think responsive giving e-mail said, has not been asked to go to i want fbi go to interview process. >> he is she going to say yes. >> she said she would say yes, in interview last week always said she would say yes at the end of the day made a mistake, okay, with the server, okay, but it wasn't illegal, and that is actually what all that counts at the end of the day -- >> classified information was though. >> they were not classified, at the point, this is -- semantics going to have fbi decide. >> -- not when -- they were not classified when she went to her nor when she sent them sent them to governor government service, so, i am not a lawyer this is way above my pay grade, it is about the fox business pay grade i am not yet there. >> whoa! .
8:26 am
>> she didn't spend time campaigning wisconsin, left -- left -- >> you are map works where proportional it will be close if bernie wins close if hillary wins close you know, i think from a delegate perspective, there will be within probably 10 of each other. >> -- wall street money in new york than wisconsin, right? >> that is true. >> go ahead. >> about quickly even if -- thank you for coming in here. >> even if they come together at the convention if kumbaya for democrats the rest of it with a weaknesses is bernie exposing in her campaign, last three months she lost her temper notably, some sanders supporters what do they need to do? >> i think the election takes a complete reset when you go from a primary to a general. okay, a lot more people gettive, okay the swing states become key, okay, at the end of the day, i think right now
8:27 am
we have a very populist tony on democratic side a nationalist protectionist tone on republican side, my bet is both of those tones will change into the general. and i think end of when you have president obama coming out and president clinton coming out democratic party coming out versus a trump or cruz right now each should be talking about the republican party what is happening there, hillary beats trump or cruz by double digits, do you think kasich is nominee. >> i don't know what is going to happen? >> i am not writing off john kasich. >> i think, today, listen if trump gets 1237 we know if he doesn't,i think it will be hard for him to get it at the convention i believe that if you are millions ahead you probably deserving it. >> i saw hillary at and crue cuomo rally about 15 dollar minimum wage, but documented that she says that you don't want 15 dollar minute wage businesses going to hurt business they are going to fire people. >> secretary has been. >> no, no, the secretary has
8:28 am
been clear, she is for nationally 12 dollars okay moving to 12 but is for giving the approval and state to move to 15 certain states, so yes i don't think she is comparing a minimum wage in new york city versus minute wage in iowa, okay but believes on a national platform 12 dollars, okay? >> we will leave it there good to see you now great thing see you at the gym. >> yes. >> killing me at the gym you should see her. >> five minutes i have -- >> bench-pressing. >> i am taking a deep bret she is running around in circles. >> right back. stay with us north korea warns new tricks against united states that could be one of the worst attacks in history we've got large details after this short break. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet.
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>> good tuesday morning, everybody. welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, april 5th. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. decision day has arrived for wisconsin. high stakes on the republican side of the stakes. and ted cruz leading over donald trump and john kasich, calls for him to step out of the way. >> if we can win wisconsin and doing great. >> they're looking at the records of the candidates and realized that donald yells a lot. >> they say i ought to get out
8:32 am
of the race because i'm winning their votes. i agree with them. . >> look, nobody's going to-- just going to win this going in. maria: on the democratic side of the race, it's much tighter in the badger state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking ahead to new york where they agree on a debate date. it's called march madness for a reason. beating north carolina 77-74. villanova students hit the streets of campus after the win. as you can see, the party is going on. a new threat from north korea, propaganda threatening south korea as well as the united states. and twitter scoring, the social media giant winning the right to stream some games. a pfizer merger at risk due to new rules, the government
8:33 am
making it harder for companies to move overseas to lower rates, that's the tax rates. shares of allergen moving sharply. and pfizer was looking at a 14% tax rate versus the u.s. and we've got selling in europe this morning and overnight in asia. onto the campaign trail we go. meanwhile, the polls are opening in wisconsin where 46 republican delegates are up for grabs. ted cruz is leading over donald trump in wisconsin and john kasich a distant third. can anything happen in the badger state to change the situation? nobody knows more than craig gilbert. he's a journal chief. covering wisconsin primaries and thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. what are your expectations for tonight and what's most important to wisconsin voters from your standpoint? >> well, you know, wisconsin has been sort of running,
8:34 am
voting for frontrunners for a long time in the primary process, that looks like it may not happen today with both cruz and bernie sanders leading in the polls. you know, on the democratic side, i think the margin is going to have a big impact on the perception of the race, but it won't change the delegate math. barack obama won by 17 points and only netted 10 delegates in terms of a gain so that's tough for bernie sanders, i don't think it changes the delegate math. on the republican side it can shake everything up up with a cruz victory and trump takes no delegates. if he can't win a congressional districts in northern wisconsin, i think that alters the perception of the race. sandra: i go back to newt gingrich, one thing to see a ted cruz victory in with is--
8:35 am
wisconsin and another to see a big win. are you predicting he's going to win by a landslide or edge out a bit. >> no, i'm not. i think the expectation is that he will win. i think the margin is unpredictable. we don't know what a republican primary looks like with the kind of big turnouts that the state has projected today. i mean, this is a republican primary unlike any we've had. if it follows true to form, then ted cruz's strength in southeastern wisconsin where the most republican votes are will carry the day. that's been the history of the primary, but when you've got three candidates and kasich is a little bit after wild card, he probably does draw more votes from cruz than from trump, despite donald trump's claim that he's taking his votes away, that's a wild card in terms of the margin. so, i think we should be cautious about, you know, projecting the size of the margin in this race, but i think at this point it would actually be an upset for donald
8:36 am
trump to win and you know, a trump victory in that regard would be huge for him. >> craig, from what you're seeing on the ground in wisconsin, who has got the better ground game, better organization, and how big of a difference is that m ted cruz particularly or bernie sanders on the democratic side. >> on the republican side i think that ted cruz does have-- he's kind of inherited some of the republican infrastructure and it's such a high turnout state it's not like iowa where it's about getting voters to the polls. i mean, people are very engaged and in politics here. they're going to turn out without having sort of a political machine driving them to the polls. on the democratic side there's clearly more intensity for bernie sanders. that helps him. you're going to see big differences of turnouts across the state with both parties with the sort of party, big democratic areas like madison
8:37 am
turning out in really crazy numbers and on the republican side, again in the republican suburbs outside milwaukee, big turnouts. the big question for donald trump, can he turn out his supporters in northern wisconsin where turnouts are lower. >> a few years ago, governor walker was expected to be a front runner, but supporting ted cruz, is there anything-- >> for a lot of republicans in the state, ted cruz was not their first choice, but they saw wisconsin as a place to stop donald trump and it's funny to see the whole establishment rallying around ted cruz who was in single digits in wisconsin back in november, but, you know, that can help. four years ago paul ryan endorsed mitt romney, the frontrunner when he came into the state, and campaigned with
8:38 am
him around the state and led to ryan's selection as romney's running mate and i think it help romney to win wisconsin and put santorum away. >> and you talked about his rise in wisconsin, are you surprised now to see cruz the favorite? a lot of people think that's a donald trump demographic. did trump goof? do people misunderstand wisconsin? >> there are a lot of white coll collar, and blue collar voters here and trump has done well, but his polling has been weak in wisconsin for many, many months, going back to last fall. his negatives have been higher in wisconsin than other places. his share of the vote has been lower, and whether that's demographic, whether that's cultural, whether that's political in the sense of, you know, some of the circumstances of this race, with scott walker being in it and donald trump
8:39 am
driving him out of the race. it's hard to know, but he didn't just run into trouble this wisconsin last week. he's been weak in wisconsin for some time. maria: do you think that trump was helped last night by his wife melania? >> i don't know. i mean, i think at this point so much has happened that that's probably not at the top of the list. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. good to see you. thanks for your insights this morning. good to be with you. maria: craig gilbert from wisconsin. sanctions from north korea threatening a deadly strike against the united states. professional sports adapting to the millennial consumer, how they're changing to try to attract fans. stay with us. ♪
8:40 am
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>> welcome back, north korea issuing new threats against the united states as the latest propaganda video from state-run media claims that the hermit state will strike america, killing more citizens than 9/11. joining us now is fox news correspondent leah guy gabrielle. >> it's a mistake to underestimate any world leader when it comes to the united states. but put it in perspective. north korea saying that they'll kill more americans than 9/11 and that they have nuclear weapons pointed at the united states. you can't just underestimate what kim jong un is saying, but you have to consider what he's saying. he's saying this could be bigger than 9/11. 9/11 was essentially human brain guided missiles,
8:44 am
airplanes with people on board flying those missiles into targets. that's a huge difference from a country that analysts say doesn't necessarily have the technology at this point to be able to not only guide nuclear missiles to targets here in the u.s., but also what kind of technology, what kind of power they would have to actually hit those targets. don't underestimate it, but at the same time consider the source, also consider that there's a huge difference from what he's saying happened in the past and what he's saying could happen in the future. maria: did he say what the reason is, why he wants to be killing so many americans? should we request he a theory? >> you have the conflict in the region, there are eight weeks long, angers north korea and feels threatened. you have to consider that north korea is essentially starving its own people and at the same time has to justify why so much money is going towards this nuclear program, money going
8:45 am
towards its military program when kim jong un recently, analysts believe, gained 70 pounds in the last five years, they estimate 300 pounds, but his people are starving. in the meantime, north korea are saying that people have to give two pounds of rice to the state every month. so starving its people, building its military program, have to have some sort of justification and part of this is saving face. >> leah, it feels like that the u.s. and china have been cooperating and the president met with pipping, but is there more that china can do to squeeze korea. >> there's more for china to do. china doesn't want a united korean peninsula, that's not good for china in the grand scheme of things. china announced it's going to impose new sanctions and is a trading partner. china essentially props up
8:46 am
north korea. the reason that north korea could afford to do what it's been doing is because of resources from china when you look at the big picture. is china doing some? yes. should china be doing more? >> you wonder where his health is, too, kim jong un. not only tops 300 pounds, he's walking with a cane and he's in his early 30's, from gout. >> when you hear the sabre rattling from north korea, and it can seem frightening when we've been asleep at the wheel letting north korea develop nuclear technology. at the same time our intelligence agencies are watching the health of leaders around the world and looking at their faces and their weight, but we're watching through satellite imagery and watching through censors, deployed around the world, and through our military assets, what's happening in these countries. so don't be too afraid just yet. lea gabrielle, former navy pilot. thank you.
8:47 am
a nail-biter in texas. do games like these bring more millennials to sports? or do teams need to adopt a new strategy? joining us next. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
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>> this is for the championship! . maria: how is that for action? the ncaa championship coming down to the wire last night with villanova hitting a buzzer beater to win the game.
8:51 am
the in-game theaterics was not the only part of the tournament, in order to attract people they teamed with oculus to stream and with us is washington wizards owner, ted, good to see you. >> thank you. maria: during the break we were talking how exciting that game was and yet, when you look at ratings, the viewership, actually probably won't hold up for the excitement. >> well, sports, gratefully, still is the big convener of live audiences so it's very, very valuable as a media property, but it's getting harder and harder as kids graduate from college and growing up in a wireless world and don't have tv's in your dorm. if you want a sobering experience, walk around the college dorm, they have ipads
8:52 am
and don't have tv anymore. live supports, very, very important, we saw bwhat the nfl did, moving to twitter. that was good for twitter to be able to stream those games. at the same time, yahoo! streamed a game last year and got 2, 3 million people watching it a decent kind of cable. tv rating and amazon bought twitch and they have e-gaming tournaments and they get 20 to 25 million people watching it. so there's a whole new world that's developing and you know, we in the media industry and the sports industry have to be cognizant of it. maria: what are you learning that the millennials want. sandra: they want it live, they want it now, streaming. attracting the fans in general to the games? >> well, millennials are about experiences so you really have to program in game, you really have to make it interactive so that if they are watching on their ott kind of platform.
8:53 am
maria: over the top? >> over the top. less and less young people graduate from college and replicate their dorm experience in a rental apartment and not signing up for cable. dagen: is the problem they're not playing sports when they're young and why isn't it good enough to get the kids watching and going to games? >> last night was probably very, very good for tbs and cbs and ncaa. even though the audience is down, it still probably had the best rating in its time period and to be able to bring people to watch something live it still very, very important. maria: i want to point out, matt, the nfl said thursday night football is going to be streamed on twitter. twitter stock is up 3.3% on this news so this is also obviously impacting the stock market. >> that's good news for twitter, which i think they can use. are you getting millennials to the game?
8:54 am
and is it frankly too expensive? we've watched ticket prices go up. we've all planned those games and how to get the family out. is that a problem? >> for a hockey team we've been sold out for eight years in a row. dagen: awesome. >> good teams. dagen: you rock. >> creating an issue for us, the only way to get tickets is on the secondary market and they really hike up prices. that is an overall concern. if they can't afford to come to a game and aren't able to watc the game on tv, that's what they end up doing is going to bars and watching it, you know, in a very communal kind of setting. so i think the challenge for all of us is one to have other sports, we just bought an afl, an indoor football league team and we own a wnba team in d.c. and we'll try to use those teams and other sports create ott networks and try to find a
8:55 am
blend between streaming and in arena to be more relevant to young people. maria: today you don't have to go to a bar to watch on a big screen. you've got the big screen and technology at home. you don't need to go to the stadium. >> that's probably one of the big issues facing the nfl is their audience gets older and older, it's just more convenient, more comfortable to watch at home on a big screen. >> and it's a tv sport, too, the nfl. you can actually see a lot more and learn a lot more watching tv than you sometimes can-- >> you want to take it further than that and have helmet cam, right? are you going to do that? >> i think data is going to have a lot of the next generation entertainment and literally every action, every heartbeat, every step that a player takes will be measured and one day you'll be able to not only do fantasy games, but you'll be able to place bets on each individual play, each individual movement, and that will really, really amp up the
8:56 am
engagement. it also creates new revenue streams. maria: we've spoken to zebra, right, put semiconductor chips in the football players bad? >> why can't we just have a love of the sports? >> you can. people just want more and more information. >> data, data. >> we were the first nba and nhl team to use virtual reality and it's really spectacular now. and oculus shipped last week and that will start to be socially accepted, but when you put on those goggles and you're in the game, what we let our fans experience and let our sponsors experience, but it's the greatest teaching imaginable and i think you'll see virtual reality work through the health care industry and it's the best way to present and have the student, have the young person retain that information. >> you're right. with those goggles, you feel
8:57 am
like you're there. >> thank you. maria: thank you, ted leonsis. final thoughts from our panel in minutes. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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9:00 am
>> sorry, i'm sorry. >> i'm watching wisconsin primary coverage tonight, maria. maria: are you going to be there live tonight, sandra? are you going to be there tonight? >> no, no, i'm watching coverage and be on bright tomorrow morning with you. maria: thank you. right to stuart varney we go, over to you. stuart: i'll take it, maria, thank you very much indeed. a crucial day, wisconsin votes. who would have thought the badger state would play such a big role? well, it does. good morning, everyone, bernie, he's surging. the latest poll shows him eight points in the lead. that's a big reversal from two weeks ago when hillary led by x. >> among republicans, donald trump pulling out the stops and he brought his wife to campaign with him yesterday. now he reveals his plan to make mexico pay for the wall. we have details. so this time tomorrow, after the wisconsin vote, the political landscape may look very different. stks


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